We are Agriculture Farm

Shlokar International is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various agricultural products. We offer a diverse range of items including oilseeds, Indian spices, grains/pulses, wheat, and food products.

Shlokar International has made significant progress since its inception as an importer and exporter of oilseeds, Indian spices, grains/pulses, wheat, and other food products. They have expanded their operations into new areas and ventured into unexplored territories, particularly focusing on effective supply chain management. Their approach encompasses all aspects of material movement, from sourcing from vendors to manufacturing and delivering to the end customer. The company's foundation is built upon trust, authenticity, and a strong reputation. To ensure continuous success and growth, they adhere strictly to principles of integrity, providing superior quality and value, and fostering close and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Shlokar International provides a wide range of grades and qualities for their products, catering to different markets such as USA, Europe, Gulf, Singapore, and more. They also accommodate custom requirements, taking into account specific needs for packaging, branding, and other preferences.



Our primary objective is to provide value to our customers while maintaining profitability and establishing ourselves as leaders in our core markets. The company is committed to diversifying and expanding our product portfolio, constantly seeking new opportunities. We aim to create strong brand recognition among consumers through effective brand promotion strategies. Simultaneously, we endeavor to expand our global presence by entering new markets and forming fruitful alliances with like-minded entities in the industry.


Since the inception of our company, we have steadfastly adhered to our guiding principle of "The Quality We Trust." Our vision is centered around delivering products of the highest quality at competitive prices, with the ultimate goal of fostering a healthy nation and a healthy world. To achieve these objectives, we are dedicated to constantly enhancing the quality of our products, aiming to make them the epitome of excellence on a global scale.


Our unwavering commitment is to consistently provide enhanced value to both our clients and employees. We believe in fostering a shared set of values and goals that are embraced by every member of our organization. These shared values serve as a guiding framework, enabling us to move forward collectively towards a successful future. Our core principles include being environmentally friendly, showing compassion towards our employees and nature, upholding integrity, transparency, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.